What is Badali Solutions?

Divorce, custody and other family law matters have gotten much more expensive than the average person can afford.  After twenty years at small firms and big firms it seemed important to come up with new solutions for family law matters that would not break the bank. There are better solutions than just going to Court and spending tens of thousands of dollars trying to get divorced or trying to get a proper custody agreement. Many years of experience have shown what works and what does not.  

Big firms offer big bills and they require large retainers.  Badali Solutions is about being lean and mean.   No large staff or big offices mean less cost to you, the client.

The idea behind Badali Solutions is to offer people going through divorce, support, child custody or other family proceedings better solutions than just the typical and expensive court process.  

Thinking outside of the box is our specialty.  We will put together a plan that includes innovative ideas to expedite your family matter while keeping the cost of getting divorced, or getting custody resolved or making sure you are receiving or paying the proper amount of support from becoming completely unmanageable. 

Additionally, we have extensive courtroom experience.  So do not mistake the fact that although we will try to keep you out of court, if that is what you want, we are more than ready to go to court with you to protect your rights.